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Will a Cheap Electronic Cigarette do the Trick?

Friday Mar 30, 2012

Disposable e-cigaretteMillions of people are choosing to use premium e-cigarettes instead of smoking a traditional cigarette. The benefits are widely known and the ecig is accepted in many places that regular cigarettes are not. Besides helping you to save money, premium e-cigarettes are also less harmful than cigarettes. Once you start using an e-cig you quickly realize there are significant differences in premium e-cigarettes and cheap electronic cigarettes. There are a few reasons why cheap electronic cigarettes don’t do the trick.

Disposability and Cost

Most cheap electronic cigarettes are disposable. You use what e-liquid and battery power is in the e-cig when you buy it. Once the battery is dead or the e-liquid is gone the e-cig is thrown away. Disposable e-cigs have you constantly buying new ones much in the same way you are buying full packs of cigarettes. It isn’t much of a break from the old smoking habits and can actually lead you right back into them.


Premium E-Cigarette electronic cigarette kitCheap electronic cigarettes that are not disposable pose their own issues. The battery in a cheap electronic cigarette is most likely to be substandard and not hold a charge as long as a premium e-cigarette. They batteries are a lithium rechargeable variety that can be powered back up after they die. An e-cigarette should last all day at the very least but some of the cheaper made variety will die after only a few hours. The premium e-cigarettes, from reputed brands like Premium E-Cigarette, also have mechanisms to preserve battery power. Many use a button to trigger the battery power and others are initiated by the intake of air through the cartridge. Some even provide a sliding cover to protect the button from accidental engagement.

Flavor and Nicotine

The premium e-cigs come with a whole slew of benefits. The ability to add flavor and choose the nicotine levels are probably the best received. Most cheap electronic cigarettes have six to ten cartridges. They are sealed and come in a tobacco flavor with a mid-level nicotine dose. This poses a problem for several reasons. A mid-level dose of nicotine is no help for a person with a pack and a half cigarette addiction. Premium e-cigarettes allow the user to tailor the nicotine level to what they need to stop the cravings. The level can then be lowered over time. Flavors are another big benefit to the premium e-cigarettes. The sealed cartridges of the cheap electronic cigarettes do not allow for the flavor drops to be administered. Premium e-cigarettes can be flavored in any imaginable taste.

E-Cigarettes A Better Alternative When Having Children

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

E-cigarette water vaporThe decision to have children brings with it many changes to your lifestyle. If you or another member of your household is a smoker, then you have to consider health concerns along with any other changes with which you might be faced. Providing a safe and healthy environment for your children is the responsibility of every parent. Fortunately, this no longer means you will be faced with having to give up the flavor and satisfaction you have come to enjoy so much.

Electronic cigarettes offer a safe and effective alternative to more traditional forms of tobacco use. Unlike smoking, you will be able to enjoy this device in the comfort of your own home without putting others at risk of the effects. With the dangers of secondhand smoke no longer an issue, you can relax knowing that your children, as well as the rest of your household, are not at risk of suffering the health effects of your habit. Read the rest of this entry »

Maximizing the Battery Life of your E-Cigarette

Thursday Mar 15, 2012

Maximizing an ecig battery's lifeThe battery life of an e-cigarette is one of the most important aspects to consider when you make the switch from regular cigarettes. The abundant health benefits of choosing an e-cigarette over other cigarettes can serve two main purposes in your life. You can get all of the nicotine your body craves without most of the nasty smoke side-effects that go along with it, and you can get doctors and family members off of your back about smoking. In order to experience the most benefits, you have to have a long battery life, or you will have to get a new one. Read the rest of this entry »

A Look at E-Lites – A UK Electronic Cigarette Brand

Thursday Mar 8, 2012

E-Lites electronic cigarettesIn the United Kingdom there were several independent surveys done on the new electronic cigarettes. The number one winner is the E-Lites voted to be the best in the United Kingdom. Especially being the most popular of all electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom. E-Lites voted as the best for various reasons and the people who tried other products did not have the same effect as they do with the E-Lites.

Having a smoking alternative is a blessing to the health of many now. If you are considering trying to quit smoking cigarettes, then this new smoking alternative will help you quit smoking. When you start smoking the E-Lites, you should consider buying the starter kit. A starter kit usually comes in a box designed to be reminiscent of real cigarette boxes thus making the smoker mentally see the cigarette boxes as their usual cigarettes. Additionally, the electronic cigarette is a high quality product and very durable. This is the most acclaimed review of smokers that have quit using the E-Lites. With the durability comes a long lasting alternative from the other brands, which are not nearly as rugged with the durability of the E-Lites. Read the rest of this entry »

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