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Wednesday Feb 8, 2012


Green Smoke E-Cigarettes

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I smoke Virginia Slims SuperSlims and my salesman offered me a slender alternative e-cig that looks like a pen. I smoke it at work and everyone said it looks like a pen. Just 2 weeks ago, I tried my e-cig aboard a plane. I asked the attendant if it was permissable. She looked it up in her “regulation” book and found no true answer. She even called the captain which I thought was beyond my request. He said he knows of no regulation but found it intersting and would address the subject at their next monthly meeting in Chicago. I was told “What you did in the bathroom was you business”. Which I did use and the attendants came in to “experience it” first hand and noted that there was no smell or odor. They were very surprised. The only concern they had was that foreigners who may not be familiar with the vapor cigs, may just light up a regular cigarette if they saw someone smoking a vapor cigarette. For me, this worked out good in the time of need, especially from Hawaii to California with numerous stops or no stops.

May 4th, 2013 | 12:14 pm
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