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The Magic Mist: Quality Refills for Less

Saturday Apr 14, 2012

The Magic Mist cartridgesElectronic cigarettes are a viable alternative to tobacco for million of people around the globe. They are convenient, can be used anywhere and don’t produce harmful carcinogens and second hand smoke like tobacco does.

Save Up to 30 Percent on E-Cig Cartridges

Brands like blu Cigs, V2 Cigs and others are popular for their flavored cartridges, unfortunately these can be pretty pricey. Try The Magic Mist for your next order for e-cig refill cartridges. The Magic Mist offers quality refill cartridges for many major brands at savings of up to 30 per cent over retail prices. Read the rest of this entry »

E-Liquid: Better Flavors than Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

Friday Apr 6, 2012

E-cig juice flavors

One of the most difficult things that many smokers have faced in the past was finding a flavor that could substitute the tobacco one. But thanks to e-cigarettes and the e-liquids, which offer myriad options of flavors for you to choose from, quitting with smoking no longer has to be a punishment for you. In fact, many people are nowadays utilizing this opportunity to become creative and create their preferred flavored e-liquids and smoke what makes them feel great.

Types of E-liquid Flavors

These concentrates are sometimes referred to as e-juice flavors. Many of them, if not all do not have any nicotine in them. The flavors can mainly be candy, fruit or tobacco. The tobacco category in this case is different from the traditional one. Individual concentrates are very many, and more keep are produced in the market each and every day. Some examples include banana, chocolate, amaretto, cola, menthol, vanilla and coconut, just to name but a few. Read the rest of this entry »

Refilling E-Cigarettes Never Easier Thanks to “Direct Dripping”

Thursday Nov 24, 2011

E-cigarette direct drippingE-cigarettes have become a very smart alternative to what many consider as “offensive” tobacco products. The popular e-cigarette comes with cartridges that are pre-filled from the supplier. These cartridges can be purchased in variety packs, at prices that usually vary from one company to another. An alternative to replacing one cartridge after another is the option of direct dripping. This is when the user places a few drops of concentrated liquid on the atomizer, the same liquid that may have been found in the pre-filled cartridge.

Refilling E-Cigarettes – Some Basic Tips

The steps to fill e-cigarette cartridges are simple and can be attained by following basic directions, although it should be noted that if the user is not careful, any warranty on a battery could be voided if the wrong procedures are taken. Batteries for some of these ecigarettes can be costly and as such should be carefully handled to avoid permanent damage.

E-cigarette refillThe safest option to avoid damage to your battery is to restrict your direct dripping to units that have a sealed battery, as this would avoid any possibility of leaking into the battery compartment. After using it for awhile the user can determine the appropriate amount of drops on the atomizer, however, as soon as they experience that burnt taste in their mouth, that will be a sign to add a few more drops to their gadget.

Perfectionize Your E-Cigarette Experience

Electronic cigarette users who get frustrated because they have to continually purchase pre-filled cartridges have all agreed that the option to fill e-cigarette drops is definitely the more economical way to go, not to mention the convenience. As e-cigarette smokers consider their options, many agree that the more effective direct dripping gives them a lot more control of the e-juice they are using.

If you (as the user) are not yet familiar with the process of controlling your own e-juice, some sites that sell this refillable e-juice have been know to provide step by step directions on their website. The user should keep in mind that the e-juice is applied directly onto the atomizer, which means that they will be basically cutting out the middle man.

Now that you know a little more about direct dripping and you are ready to change from ecig cartridge to purchase your own e-juice, its time to do some shopping for the best in quality and price. With the ecig cartridge being a thing of the past, your life just got a whole lot easier, as you turn to direct dripping.

The Dilemma: Choosing Your Favorite Ecig Flavor

Friday Jul 1, 2011

e-liquid, ecigarette flavors, menthol, Red BullAn added touch to enhance the pleasure of smoking is that there are at your disposal a range of 90 different flavors in which you can order the e-liquid. For example you can choose between different flavors of snuff including Cuba, blending Turkish, mint or “Wild American”, or try a mixture of whiskey and snuff. Fruit blends like passion fruit, cherry, raspberry and citrus fruits are also in great demand, even cocktail flavors are now available as e-liquid. Keep reading to learn about the many options in detail.

The more classic e-cigarette flavors, all the tobacco flavors including “Marlboro”, are certainly nice for regular ecig use. Sometimes you may want a different flavor, that’s why it’s good to know that there is a whole range of different flavors on the market. For fans of energy drinks there is the Red Bull e-juice. Those who like Red Bull, will most definitely like the sweet taste of this special eliquid. Read the rest of this entry »

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