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How to Refill E-cig Cartridges Yourself

Friday Apr 15, 2011

e-cigarette, cartridges, refills, liquidsIt is quite a tricky change when you shift from the conventional cigarette to an . When you are used to smoking a conventional cigarette, all you do is buy it, light it and smoke it. Unlike conventional cigarette, the requires a little bit of maintenance. It’s a small effort towards better health of course. One of the most important parts of maintaining an is to know how to use .

One of the components of the e-cigarette is called or better known as mouth piece. This mouth piece is a small disposable plastic container with openings at each end. In most cases it has an absorbent or a sponge like material saturated with liquid solution that is to be vaporized. The construction of the mouth piece is in such a way that it allows vapor produced to flow past the solution container and reach the smokers mouth. When the liquids are over one can opt to go for refills or replace it with pre-filled .

The process of refilling the cartridge is quite simple and there are two ways to refill the cartridges. The first one is drip method otherwise known as dripping and the other known as injection method. The first method of dripping requires a lot of time and patience because you will have to wait for the filling to be completely saturated. The method requires you to open up the cartridge and take out the polyester filling inside the cartridge. Use a dropper or a filler to drip a few drops in the cartridge. You will have to then replace the filling back and wait for the liquid to be completely soaked. You may need to add a few drops again so as to ensure it is saturated.

The second method, the injection method is best useful when you use a syringe so that the liquids doesn’t get spilled all over the place. The process is quite simple; just remove the white rubber cap at the end of the cartridge using a small screw driver. Fill up the desired amount of liquid in the syringe with the help of a needle. Insert the needle in the middle of your e-cigarette cartridge filler until you are nearly at the bottom of the cartridge. Once the cartridge is filled cap the white rubber and you can use it. You can put the unused liquid that remains in the syringe back into the bottle.

If you do not want to use either of these methods, you can just go about buying a pre-filled cartridge and use it for your e-cigarette.

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