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The Reason Electronic Cigarettes are Smokeless

Friday Jan 20, 2012

E-cigarette partsElectronic cigarettes contain three main components, the battery, an atomizer and a cartridge that holds the liquid that is to be vaporized. Instead of producing smoke like a traditional cigarette, e-cigarettes produce smokeless by heating a liquid solution of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, commonly referred to as , and dispersing it into an aerosol mist. The most popular electronic cigarette models use an atomizer that contains a wicking steel mesh to draw the liquid solution to a single filament that vaporizes the liquid to simulate the effect of smoke.

When a person takes a puff from an electronic cigarette, a microchip inside of it senses the flow of air and sends an electrical current to the filament that heats up and vaporizes the E-Liquid, producing the visible water vapor. The water vapor produced by smokeless e-cigarettes replicate the same feeling in the throat and lungs as a traditional cigarette, without the toxic carcinogens associated with smoking.

Keeping Your E-Cigarette Working

After being used for several weeks the atomizer will begin to become less effective due to the build up of sediment on the filament. The amount of water vapor production will drastically diminish and the atomizer will need to be replaced. This contributes to one of the primary recurring expenses related to e-cigarettes. Other designs of e-cigarettes try to combat this problem by replacing the atomizer and cartridge with a cartomizer that is pre-filled with E-Liquid. Once the supply of E-Liquid has been consumed the cartomizer is disposed of and a new one is installed.

There are experimental procedures that can be used to clean the atomizer in an effort to extend its usable life-span. Soaking the atomizer overnight in a slightly acidic liquid, denture cleaner or cola is commonly used, and then allowing it to dry completely before re-use has been shown to be an effective way to clean some atomizers. Such methods typically void all manufacturer’s warranties and can potentially cause permanent damage to some models so research pertaining to the effectiveness of cleaning a specific model of atomizer should be conducted beforehand.

Wide Range of E-Liquids

E-liquid flavorsSmokeless e-cigarettes allow the use of a variety of E-Liquids to replicate the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. Popular ecig flavors include menthol and flue cured tobacco, formulated to replicate the taste of major brand cigarettes. Some do not contain nicotine while others may have a nicotine content exceeding 24mg/ml. There are also some novelty ecig flavors available like bubble gum, cotton candy, espresso and strawberry. With such a wide selection of ecig flavors to choose from, one can easily replicate their favorite brand of cigarettes with a healthier alternative.

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