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Watch What You’re Buying: Potential Harmful Chemicals in Ecigs

Sunday Dec 4, 2011

E-cigarette dangerousElectronic cigarettes, sometimes entitled “e-cigarettes”, are battery powered mechanical devices that contain substance filled cartridges that convert nicotine and other substances into a vapor that is inhaled by the user. Electronic cigarettes are meant to mimic conventional cigarettes in size shape and function. These products are enthusiastically available to young people and are obtainable in many different flavors which may be attractive to the younger age bracket. Many people have begun to wonder if e-cigarettes are dangerous. In addition, some worry that electronic cigarettes may promote an increase in nicotine and tobacco use in young people. These concerns have been addressed in a recent laboratory analysis of samples from e-cigarettes which found that they contain poisonous chemicals and . of these substances are not fully known and only limited research has been completed regarding e-cigarettes.

Do E-Cigarettes have Possible Side Effects?

The nominal amount of research done so far has raised concerns of possible side effects and health risks. Samples from various brands of e-cigarettes were extracted and tested in a laboratory. The analysis of the substances in the cartridges detected a high amount of diethylene glycol, a chemical used in as well as various carcinogens. These investigative tests exposed the possibility of these chemicals being transmitted to the user of the electronic cigarette. These electronic devices have become popular with smokers who believe they are a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. Because of this belief many people all over the world are using an electronic cigarette and the numbers are increasing daily, even with very little known information on the side effects of the product.

Pick a Trustworthy E-Cigarette Brand

FDA on electronic cigarettesIn addition to the harmful substances that the body is exposed to when inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette, the cartridges often leak which can lead to further exposure to children, pets and the environment. Many researchers have suggested that electronic cigarettes are potentially dangerous and should be removed from the market until their safety can be recognized. The has affirmed that they could not authenticate the quality or safety of any electronic cigarette products. Because of this it is fully up to the consumer to find a trustworthy e-cigarette merchant who openly posts their own quality testing information. It is important to be sure the product in use is of upmost quality and is free of potentially harmful substances.

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