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Friday Apr 15, 2011

water vapor cigarettes, atomizer, tobacco cigrattesThough aware of harmful effects of traditional tobacco smoking, many people find it very hard to quit this deadly habit. Companies around the world have been innovating and have been coming out with many interesting products raging from nicotine patches to gums that are being used by nicotine addicts in the hope of quitting smoking. Today we have new product on the market that is taking the world by storm. It is known as water vapor cigarette or electronic cigarette. This water vapor cigarette is also changing the legal landscape for all smokers of traditional cigarettes all around the globe.

The patented technology, electronic cigarette actually simulates the real cigarette down to the actual smoke! It is being now extensively used by all those people who are interested in saying goodbye to tobacco smoking in a less painful way by leaving that habit slowly. Though actually feel and even taste like tobacco cigarettes, they function in an entirely different way. There is actually no tobacco in the electronic cigarettes and users just inhale nicotine vapor.

When a user inhales from a water vapour cigarette, a “flow sensor” or “” is immediately activated and special mechanism immediately releases some water vapor which contains a mixture of propylene glycol, nicotine and a “flavor” which perfectly simulates the feel of real tobacco. This allows the user to get his or her nicotine fix without actually inhaling all carcinogens found in the raditional smoke of tobacco cigarettes.

Aside from being much healthier than tobacco cigarettes, they are perfectly legal too. As these water vapor cigarettes don’t have any tobacco in them, users can smoke them at public places like gym, clubs, restaurants, etc without inviting any stares from those sitting besides them. Furthermore, these cigarettes are not harmful to those around you so you are not inflicting any harm on their health as such.

A special cartridge (refillable) is used in electronic cigarettes and comes in numerous flavors like strawberry or apple. Aside from this it is also available in various strengths (Minimal, medium or full). As water vapor cigarettes are also being used as a smoking cessation device by many people due to the availability of cartridges in various strengths that can be reduced to nil gradually, they are becoming very popular amongst them.

A great thing about these water vapor cigarettes is that they generate same oral fixation as desired by tobacco cigarette smoker, thereby satisfying their tobacco carvings at the same time. When a smoker inhales the nicotine vapor from the electronic cigarette, his or her lungs are immediately filled with a tobacco flavored vapor thereby satisfying their smoking urge. But in comparison this smoke is much healthier than tobacco smoke and for this reason it doesn’t offends anybody standing in vicinity.

Though such water vapor cigarettes have been in market since last 2-3 years, they have recently become more popular due to ever increasing restrictions against traditional tobacco cigarettes everywhere. If you are interested in much healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and freedom to smoke anywhere, then electronic cigarettes are perfect for you!

These water vapor cigarettes are money savers too as their cartridge needs to be refilled once you purchase a water vapor cigarette and involved nothing else. In comparison, a packet of traditional cigarettes will cost much more. As with several other popular products, many cheap Chinese imitations of such water vapour cigarettes are available in the market which is not at all effective. Aside from this, they are not made using same rigorous quality standards as are all electronic cigarettes manufactured by standard companies.

You should use high quality water vapor cigarettes after researching on various brands by reading electronic cigarette reviews in magazines or internet. Water vapour cigarette reviews will help you in making a correct choice of water vapor cigarettes that can help you in enjoying your smoking without any harmful effects associated with tobacco smoke

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