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Will I Want to Go Back to Regular Tobacco Cigarettes?

Monday Dec 12, 2011

Quit smoking with e-cigarettesAs a smoker for many years I have to say that there is nothing better than walking outside after a long shift at work, a trying day at college, or even a delicious meal and having a cigarette. I have smoked a certain brand of tobacco cigarette the majority of time I have been smoking, but one day I discovered something even better. I happened to be out with some friends and after the meal I remembered I didn’t have any cigarettes and one of them had an e-cigarette. So he offered it to me to use and what happened next was amazing. I loved it. I was instantly hooked on the smooth taste and intriguing flavor of the e-cigarette. I wanted one for myself.

The next day I went to a local e-cigarette shop. I walked in and noticed that there were so many varieties of flavors and e-cigarette brands from me to choose from. I wandered around the store taking in all the exciting choices laid out before me. There were so many delicious flavors and aromas like peach, apple, mint, and so many others I had a hard time choosing. I finally settled upon an exquisite combination of apple and my trusty usual brand of menthol and went on my way.

Save Money and Time by Smoking E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes tipI spent the next day or so smoking from the e-cigarette and ascertained something interesting. I was smoking less than I had before. The e-cigarette was good but it seemed to satisfy me in a way that regular didn’t so the side effect was that I didn’t fell the need to smoke as much. Which for a smoker like myself was a good thing because it saved me money and time. And speaking of money, I was saving so much. I had bought probably a pack a day for many months and it was becoming a very expensive habit. But with the e-cigarette I had spent a far less amount for the cigarette and the flavors and it would last me much longer, probably three times longer!

No More Trips to the Store for Cigarettes

I have enjoyed the e-cigarette immensely and find myself no longer wanting to go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes, instead I’m ordering my electronic cigarettes online and saving even more money through E-Cigarette Solution coupons and other deals. I no longer need them. I have found an amazing substitute in the form of an electronic cigarette. So will I ever go back to regular tobacco cigarettes? I don’t think I will and that is fine by me.

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