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The Joye 510: The Best Electronic Cigarette Out?

Wednesday Apr 27, 2011

Joye 510, cartomizer, 510 electronic cigaretteThe e-cigarette is a high-end electronic cigarette. It has a large steam capacity (5 times more vapor than traditional ecigs) and contains nothing but high quality components. It is considered the best electronic cigarette on the market. This e-cigarette is priced around 60 Euros, 20€ more expensive than most other e-cigarettes, but it’s well worth the money.

How does the Joye 510 work?

Most e-cigarettes are composed of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge filled with liquid (e-liquid). When the battery is activated (by giving the set), the spray is heated and evaporates the liquid in the cartridge, producing steam (water vapor) that is inhaled. There are hundreds of types of liquids for these electronic cigarettes, including Mallboro flavor, Camel, various fruits, coffee, liquor, tea, with or without nicotine. All are compatible with the new model Expert 510.


  • High-end electronic cigarette.
  • Automatic battery.
  • Activated in each set.
  • USB rechargeable battery and wall charger.
  • Batteries, sprays and cartridges compatible with all major brands.
  • Active microprocessor controlled automatic cleaning after about 1500 puffs.
  • The Joye 510 is authentic. It is European CE and FC certified.


Mounted 104 mm total length; it has a 9.2 mm diameter and a Length 52 mm spray. The Battery Length 67 mm and the 35 mm cartridge length are perfect! The Weight 13 gr. mounted cigarette Cartridge capacity 0.56 mL (160 puffs approx). The Battery capacity is optimal. Below you will find some more specifications of the best electronic cigarette.

• Charging time 1.5 h
• 3.7 V output voltage
• Battery life 300 recharges

The kit is as complete as you would expect. This electronic cigarette is without doubt the top choice. The Joye 510 consists of an automatic battery, a spray-device and the inhaler. The 5 cartridges are pre-loaded. The smoke flavors can be modified to your preference, and you can easily adjust the level of nicotine in the e-juice.


Presentation: Very neat, ideal for gifts. Once the cartridge is finished, do not discard. It can be used several times with e-liquid recharging your favorite flavor. The warranty of this e-cigarette only covers manufacturing defects. All components are considered consumable electronic cigarette, that is, they have to go replacing both cartridges, batteries and atomizers have a shorter or longer depending on the use to which it applies.

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