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Will I Want to Go Back to Regular Tobacco Cigarettes?

Monday Dec 12, 2011

Quit smoking with e-cigarettesAs a smoker for many years I have to say that there is nothing better than walking outside after a long shift at work, a trying day at college, or even a delicious meal and having a cigarette. I have smoked a certain brand of tobacco cigarette the majority of time I have been smoking, but one day I discovered something even better. I happened to be out with some friends and after the meal I remembered I didn’t have any cigarettes and one of them had an e-cigarette. So he offered it to me to use and what happened next was amazing. I loved it. I was instantly hooked on the smooth taste and intriguing flavor of the e-cigarette. I wanted one for myself.

The next day I went to a local e-cigarette shop. I walked in and noticed that there were so many varieties of flavors and e-cigarette brands from me to choose from. I wandered around the store taking in all the exciting choices laid out before me. There were so many delicious flavors and aromas like peach, apple, mint, and so many others I had a hard time choosing. I finally settled upon an exquisite combination of apple and my trusty usual brand of menthol and went on my way. Read the rest of this entry »

E-Cigarette Comparison: V2 Cigs vs. Green Smoke

Thursday Oct 20, 2011

It is actually helpful for your health to know about the e-cigarette comparison. An electronic cigarette is a kind of cigarette that contains no tar, no carbon monoxide and nothing like carcinogenic substances found in tobacco cigarettes. There will be no lung blackening with electronic cigarettes. This way, you will be free from lung cancer and other complications brought about by normal tobacco cigarettes. Read the rest of this entry »

Are E-Cigarettes Smokeless Cigarettes?

Thursday Sep 15, 2011

smokeless cigarettes, e-cigarette flavors, e-liquid nicotineMany people who smoke and are trying to kick the nicotine habit are relying some sort of Nicotine Replacement Therapy/NRT. While there are several NRT’s on the market, one of the newest is the E-Cigarettes. The purpose of NRT is to help the smoker decrease the need for nicotine in the body, by slowly introducing nicotine on a continuous basis, whether this is in the form of a nicotine patch or an E-Cigarette.

Researchers feeling that the E-Cigarette is the answer to helping a smoker quit smoking, found that perhaps smokers are fitting in their traditional cigarettes with the E-Cigarette, and not making as much progress at kicking the nicotine habit then originally thought. Read the rest of this entry »

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