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Getting the Bad Taste Out of A Newly Bought Atomizer

Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

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If you are trying to get the bad taste out of an atomizer on an e-cigarette, this article hopes to inform you lots of ways that you can did rid of that taste. First you should know what E-liquid is, as it is used to bring better flavor to your e-cigarette and offers six different nicotine levels. You can also get so many different flavors of e-liquid to use with your E–cigarette to get the best flavor possible. Flavors come in different types like Apple, blueberry, regular tobacco, Green tea flavor, and more. Read the rest of this entry »

What is an E-cigarette Starter Kit?

Friday Jul 22, 2011

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The e-cigarette has not replaced normal cigarettes completely, but it is gaining popularity among the masses very quickly. If the claims of the manufacturers are correct, then an electronic cigarette makes smoking safe and helps people to quit their habit of smoking by providing their bodies with adequate nicotine, without the harmful ingredients that are part of conventional cigarettes. Those who smoke electronic cigarette on a regular basis must be aware, that with separate detachable parts like batteries, atomizers, refill cartridges and chargers etc, the electronic cigarette consists of many parts and pieces.

Once you are used to smoking e-cigarette, assembling and awareness of the different parts is very easy. However, for the newbie smokers it is all very confusing. For them ecig starter kit saves the day, as it is very easy to use and they can start right away with smoking once they have this kit at their disposal. Ecig starter kits are more beneficial for starters but even for pros it is not the worst thing in the world. In the starter kit offered by most of the companies there are 5 to 10 refillable cartridges, 10 to 20 cartridges, battery charger and obviously the electric cigarette with atomizer.

The kit comes with the instructions to do the simple assembling and enjoying the cigarette. The cartridges come with, or without nicotine. So if someone is using electronic cigarettes basically to quit smoking, then he or she can start from smoking the ones with nicotine and can gradually move to nicotine free variety. Cost is another factor that makes ecigs starter kits a reasonable deal. Once purchased, the kit can last very long and if you compare it with the counterpart amount of money that you have to spend on conventional cigarettes, the cost is really peanuts.

As depends on the need of body and liking the smoker can put off the cigarette anytime he or she wants. Not every time, the smokers don’t need to purchase the whole starting kit as the main cigarette, battery and charger can work for quite some time. All they need to do is keep on purchasing the cartridges that are also available at very reasonable prices. Although the cost of the kit varies from brand to brand, but on averages the starter kit costs only about $30. So even if you don’t like the smoking experience of electric cigarette, the aftershocks of the wasted $30 will not kill you.

How to Refill E-cig Cartridges Yourself

Friday Apr 15, 2011

e-cigarette, cartridges, refills, liquidsIt is quite a tricky change when you shift from the conventional cigarette to an e-cigarette. When you are used to smoking a conventional cigarette, all you do is buy it, light it and smoke it. Unlike conventional cigarette, the e-cigarette requires a little bit of maintenance. It’s a small effort towards better health of course. One of the most important parts of maintaining an e-cigarette is to know how to use refills.

One of the components of the e-cigarette is called cartridges or better known as mouth piece. This mouth piece is a small disposable plastic container with openings at each end. In most cases it has an absorbent or a sponge like material saturated with liquid solution that is to be vaporized. The construction of the mouth piece is in such a way that it allows vapor produced to flow past the solution container and reach the smokers mouth. When the liquids are over one can opt to go for refills or replace it with pre-filled cartridges. Read the rest of this entry »

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