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Wednesday Aug 3, 2011

e-cigarette starter kit, V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, ecig brandsIn today’s world there are many restrictions placed on where you can and can not smoke. With new laws being passed and smoking becoming banned, it is hard for a smoker to be able to enjoy going out. Besides the legal aspect of smoking issues, there is also the social aspect. If you have friends or family who are non-smokers, you can not enjoy a cigarette while driving in the car with them, without hearing some sort of complaining regarding the smell. Also, let’s not forget about the rising prices of cigarettes. Well all that can stop thanks to electronic cigarettes!

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are a new concept to help the smoker enjoy the feeling and act of smoking, without the smoke or smell. They release a water vapor, and lack all the unnecessary chemicals found in cigarettes. Along with being more convenient and less expensive, they also are a healthier alternative to smoking. Read the rest of this entry »

E-Cigarettes: Legal in the UK

Saturday Apr 23, 2011

ecigaretes UK, ecig brands, nicotine addictionThe rapid popularity of electronic cigarettes that is gained in few years is too much to swallow for the normal cigarettes companies working in the field many years, some even for more than a century. Main reasons for preferring electronic cigarettes over conventional cigarettes are lack of smoke, alterable nicotine quantity and believed health benefits as the e-cigarettes are considered less dangerous than normal cigarettes.

Apart from it, as there is no smoke emitted while smoking, so the smokers feels no harm in smoking in public places and nonsmokers also have no particular reason to object to it. In most of the countries e-cigarettes are accepted or overlooked by the concerned legal bodies. However, lately there is an unannounced campaign to ban the e-cigarettes worldwide including UK. By law of the country in Britain there is no ban whatsoever on the products right now to consume in isolation or in public, but what happens in future is anybody’s guess. Before coming to other countries including UK, the whole concept of electronic cigarettes started from China. Due to lack of tobacco as the ingredients, ecigs brands cannot exactly be categorized under tobacco products so as the country law cannot be imposed on them.

Problem is that the absence of tobacco is there no doubt, but the presence of nicotine is still there so situation is in fact very confusing even for law making bodies. Lately, EU has passed the baton to treat the status of such products in the hand of individual governments. So right now the concerned bodies in United Kingdom are working on mainly to determine whether to classify electric cigarettes under drugs or not. Here it has to be admitted these electric cigarette manufacturers are also not contributing to their cause by making nonscientific claim of elimination of nicotine addiction and not providing any health warning on the packages. So the chances of a ban are not very high, but electronic sisters of mainstream cigarettes are likely to come in drugs category. So the manufacturers and distributors need to be ready to adapt to the possible changes.

If the bodies come up with a hung decision, the result could be very bleak for the companies as may be till the determination of the status a temporary ban or controlled sales method can be applied by the decision making body. They may force opposition from few corners as banning the items would simply mean many people will revert to normal cigarettes which undoubtedly are more harmful.

Buying E-cigarettes Online

Saturday Apr 9, 2011

buy e-cigarettes online, electronic smoking, ecig brandsSmoking is a bad habit and due to nicotine and tar among the harmful ingredients is a serious health threat, no doubt. However, the dilemma with the smokers is, for them cigarette and smoking is a necessary evil which they cannot just quit. For such addicts ecigs or electronic cigarettes come as blessing. Electronic cigarettes are not only health friendly as compare to their counterpart traditional cigarettes, but also the electronic smoking proves very cost effective. Read the rest of this entry »

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