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Quit Smoking with E-Cigarettes

Tuesday Aug 9, 2011

quit smoking, e-cigarette side effects, electric cigarettesA lot of chronic smokers reach their breaking point with smoking, but out of the many that reaches it, only some manage to turn their pernicious passion for smoking into a pertinacious urge to quit smoking altogether. As the world continues to expand its arsenal consisting of innovative gadgets, many fields of insidious addictions are starting to lose their tenacious appeal to a lot of people. Fortunately, in the field of smoking, the die-hard addiction it causes has met its match. The cool gadgets, e-cigarettes, are indeed the groundbreaking gadgets that are permeating the world of smokers.

If clueless and lost for words when the topic of e-cigarettes come up, then program memory to accept the fact that they are the one invention that allows smokers to “light up” without truly lighting up. Furthermore, e-cigarettes substitute real tobacco with a tobacco-based solution. Batteries provide every ounce of power that is needed to operate these clever gadgets; moreover, they last nearly as long as real cigarettes. Undoubtedly, all it takes is one session with this invention to come to the realization that they are indeed a close resemblance to real cigarettes. The design of e-cigarettes is one of the several salient differences that set e-cigarettes apart from real cigarettes.

In addition, since they are made of metal, they do not shrink when being used like real cigarettes. When speaking of e-cigarettes having a metal design, the first thing that probably comes to mind is that they are 5 times heavier than ordinary cigarettes. With that on mind, utilizing a smoking alternative that is heavier than the original smoking choice is far from beneficial. By the e-cigarettes’ manufacturers choosing to develop their product with lightweight metal materials, it is easy to conclude that they intended to make e-cigarettes the perfect alternative to real cigarettes. When comparing both methods of smoking to one another, the weight difference between the two is exiguous.

All in all, these amazing gadgets, mirror the primal method of smoking. E-cigarettes replicate the smoking experience, but it does so while excluding the uses of smoke and fire. Smoking in general is surely a bad habit to have for any amount of time. Unquestionably, this is one parlous habit that presages and openly welcomes horrific side effects. E-cigarettes are not a cure for smoking, but it is a cool gadget that encourages a smoking cessation. In the end, quitting smoking is the fastest way to part ways with nicotine.

Are Electric Cigarettes Legal?

Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

ecig ban US, ecigarettes, electric cigarettesElectric cigarettes are becoming very popular among the masses and rich people due to the convenience they offer and are supposedly health friendly with the adjustable nicotine levels and lack of harmful ingredients like Tar. However, due to the presence of items like diethylene glycol, Nitrosamines and scientifically not proven impact of controlling the nicotine desire the ecigarettes are subject of debate. In many countries of the world including Electric cigarettes the ecigarettes are not included in the legal items.

The legal status of electric cigarettes is undetermined even in advanced countries like the USA and UK, the FDA was among the initial bodies that banned the electronic cigarettes. Main reasons behind the ban is the fact that most of the companies choose not to display any warning messages of the unhealthy aspects of smoking with e-cigs. Furthermore, the lack of standardization and no abidance to any particular health standard in manufacturing and packaging forced Canadian authorities to ban the products. Unlike United States, the ban is a blanket one, meaning no particular brands are banned rather the products are banned totally. Read the rest of this entry »

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