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Does Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Damage Your Teeth?

Friday May 4, 2012

Yellow teeth caused by cigarettesIt is common knowledge that smoking tobacco cigarettes will stain your teeth and make them yellow. With the recent introduction of e-cigs smokers can switch to a tobacco free cigarette.

How Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes Stain Teeth

The traditional cigarette is filled with tobacco, which has many harmful toxins and chemicals that burn when you light the cigarette up. Some of the dangerous chemicals in tobacco are Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and tar, which is a particulate matter that fills a smokers mouth and lungs every time you inhale cigarette smoke.

Nicotine is the chemical that smokers become addicted to, and it is the tar from burning tobacco smoke that leaves a sticky film on the teeth and in the lungs. This is what causes the stained yellow teeth that smokers end up with. Read the rest of this entry »

Buyer Tip: Watch The Price of Ecig Refill Cartridges

Friday Oct 14, 2011

Refillable e-cigarette cartridgesIt may come as no surprise to you that electronic cigarettes are rapidly gaining popularity. From celebrities to malls and local corner stores, they can be found just about everywhere now. With this rise in popularity, we are also seeing more new electronic cigarette units, cartridges and flavor options being introduced and in some cases, a rise in prices as well. You may have noticed that the most significant rise in cost has been with e-cigarette refill cartridges. Read the rest of this entry »

All About E-Cigarettes in 2011

Saturday Jul 9, 2011

smoking ban, electronic cigarettes, tobacco cigaretteSince the beginning of 2011, there has been a lot of commotion about the ecig ban in different countries around the world. We’ve all been in some way involved in a discussion on the subject, and cannot smoke in public places from the recent 1st of January. The smoking ban does not prohibit smoking, but regulates the consumption of smoking in places towards the ‘no smoking’. This is why electronic cigarettes have become so important!

Anyone who wasn’t planning on quitting with smoking, or who slowly wants to stop smoking in an easy way, will find that the e-cigarette is the perfect solution to the recent smoking problems. The electronic cigarette is a tool that allows you to smoke the quantity you like, in whatever places you want to smoke. No need to worry about people complaining about the awful smell of your cigarette, because the water vapour of these cigs simply doesn’t smell. Read the rest of this entry »

Mini E-cig and Classic E-cigarette Comparison

Saturday May 21, 2011

The difference between mini e-cigarettes and the classic e-cigarette is quite simple. The mini is for people for who the size does not matter. The mini e-cigarette is much smaller in size but big enough to give a good flavor when it actually vaporizes the liquid. The smaller size also means a smaller batter which will last approximately about 3-4 hours or depending on the number of times you drag in the mini e-cigarette. The length of a mini e-cigarette is usually about 100 millimeters or lesser and it is 7.5 millimeters in diameter. Read the rest of this entry »

E-cigarettes and the FDA

Thursday May 12, 2011

side effects, e-cigarette brands, electronic cigarettes, FDA

E-cigarette or electric cigarettes or ecigs are considered as less harmful substitute of normal tobacco filled cigarettes. It is claimed that the electric cigarettes do not contain any hazardous ingredients like nicotine and due to lack of smoke should be acceptable in the public places as well. In most of the countries health standard official agency is not directly involved in the regulation of the e-cigarette. So availability of the ecigs is not very difficult and it can be purchased from brick and mortar based outlets and of course the online stores. These cigarettes are available in many flavors. Electronic versions of popular cigarette brands are also available in the market.

Are the electronic cigarettes FDA-approved? That is rather a controversial matter. Interestingly, including the Canada, in many countries these electronic cigarettes are listed among the banned items. Read the rest of this entry »

Regulations and the Ecigarette status in 2011

Sunday Apr 10, 2011

E-cigarettes ban, electronic cigarettes, nicotine, ecigs New ZealandDo you know if the current legislation affects the electronic cigarette? Keep reading to learn about many interesting stats. Here is a brief summary of the current legislative status of electronic cigarettes in various countries, including Spain. The tobacco multinationals are very strong, and try to influence the respective governments to ban the marketing and/or consumption. However, evidence in several studies that support the electronic cigarette produces much less damage than the traditional cigarette.

New Zealand is in favor of the electronic cigarette, health department approved New Zealand electronic cigarettes. The banned is fully explained in many sites. In the EU, some countries have provided a decision on the legal status of products related to electronic cigarettes. In Spain, there is no law about electronic cigarettes; they fall under the general rules of consumer goods. In Austria, the electronic cigarette is considered medical resources and cartridges of nicotine a drug product. This means that electronic cigarettes should carry the CE mark and the nicotine cartridges must be registered as medicinal products before being offered for sale.

Advantages of Smoking Electric Cigarettes

Thursday Apr 7, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes, vapor, E-cigs, nicotine liquid, cheap ecigs

The awareness in amongst public about the potential damages that smoking can cause to their health has triggered an anti smoking attitude. However despite of this people have found quitting tobacco a difficult task. Several campaigns have been undertaken, several law suits have been filed but still the outcome of the efforts seemed to be minimal.

Recently several companies have started to produce different sorts of products that assist cessation; these include nicotine gums, patches and many more. Electronic cigarette are also one of such products designed so that people can get rid of this nicotine addiction. E-cigarettes appear much like the original cigarette and gives similar feeling to the user. However it differs from the original one in a way that is, e-cigs tobacco content is absent. The user inhales nicotine vapors which appear much like similar smoke but this however lacks the carcinogenic chemicals found in original cigarettes. Read the rest of this entry »

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