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How Safe are Electronic Cigarettes?

Friday Feb 10, 2012

E-cigarettes smokingAn electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a type of hand-held nicotine-delivery device. A rechargeable battery powers a heating element that is inside the device. The nicotine that is contained inside of a replaceable cartridge is vaporized and inhaled by the user. Safe use of e-cigarettes is in question as they become popular as an alternative to nicotine patches and gum. Nicotine is considered a carcinogen and the amounts that are in electronic cigarettes are not healthy and long-term dangers to their use are yet to be known.

Benefits of the E-Cigarette

Many advocates point to benefits that users gain from the use of e-cigarettes. These benefits include the fact that an e-cigarette contains no tar or tobacco. As a result these devices do not have the dangers of a real cigarette such as second hand smoke and ash. They allow users to receive the same amount of nicotine as a real cigarette. Currently, prices for replaceable cartridges are less than $5. This is a cost savings of over $1,000 a year. Another benefit claim of the electronic cigarette is that carcinogen levels present within the replaceable cartridges is found only in trace quantities. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch What You’re Buying: Potential Harmful Chemicals in Ecigs

Sunday Dec 4, 2011

E-cigarette dangerousElectronic cigarettes, sometimes entitled “e-cigarettes”, are battery powered mechanical devices that contain substance filled cartridges that convert nicotine and other substances into a vapor that is inhaled by the user. Electronic cigarettes are meant to mimic conventional cigarettes in size shape and function. These products are enthusiastically available to young people and are obtainable in many different flavors which may be attractive to the younger age bracket. Many people have begun to wonder if e-cigarettes are dangerous. In addition, some worry that electronic cigarettes may promote an increase in nicotine and tobacco use in young people. These concerns have been addressed in a recent laboratory analysis of samples from e-cigarettes which found that they contain poisonous chemicals and carcinogens. Side effects of these substances are not fully known and only limited research has been completed regarding e-cigarettes. Read the rest of this entry »

E-Cigarette Comparison: V2 Cigs vs. Green Smoke

Thursday Oct 20, 2011

It is actually helpful for your health to know about the e-cigarette comparison. An electronic cigarette is a kind of cigarette that contains no tar, no carbon monoxide and nothing like carcinogenic substances found in tobacco cigarettes. There will be no lung blackening with electronic cigarettes. This way, you will be free from lung cancer and other complications brought about by normal tobacco cigarettes. Read the rest of this entry »

E-cigarettes and the FDA

Thursday May 12, 2011

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E-cigarette or electric cigarettes or ecigs are considered as less harmful substitute of normal tobacco filled cigarettes. It is claimed that the electric cigarettes do not contain any hazardous ingredients like nicotine and due to lack of smoke should be acceptable in the public places as well. In most of the countries health standard official agency is not directly involved in the regulation of the e-cigarette. So availability of the ecigs is not very difficult and it can be purchased from brick and mortar based outlets and of course the online stores. These cigarettes are available in many flavors. Electronic versions of popular cigarette brands are also available in the market.

Are the electronic cigarettes FDA-approved? That is rather a controversial matter. Interestingly, including the Canada, in many countries these electronic cigarettes are listed among the banned items. Read the rest of this entry »

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