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Smoking Cessation – Should I use Nicotine Gums or E-Cigarettes?

Saturday Apr 28, 2012

Nicotine gumSmoking cigarettes has been linked to various cancers, heart disease, strokes and emphysema, not to mention the danger of secondhand smoke and how it can carry disease to family and friends within close proximity. For those challenged with the struggles of nicotine addiction, modern times and technology have devised many methods to aide in the ability of quitting cigarette smoking and opening the door to a healthier lifestyle. Two popular choices are nicotine gum and electronic cigarettes from a brand like Bull Smoke. While both of these smoking cessation products have shown to be popular and beneficial there are differences to be considered to understand which product may be most successful for leaving nicotine addiction behind.

Nicotine Gum: Doesn’t Feel and Look Like Smoking

Nicotine gum is an option for those addicted to cigarette smoking as well as chewing smokeless tobacco. Nicotine is released into the body, but instead of through inhalation, the nicotine is released through the tissues within the mouth. Nicotine gum is usually chewed and held in the mouth at the time of desire for a cigarette. For those with dentures or dental problems there may be an issue of concern as to whether this product may be right for the user. Nicotine gum may also not be beneficial for the smoker that enjoys holding a cigarette in their hand, rather through habit or a comfort in social situations.

Electronic Cigarettes Reminding you of the Good Old Cigarette Times

E-cigaretteElectronic cigarettes are simply that. The shape and form is similar to a regular nicotine cigarette and can be handled and used in the same form of lighting up a regular nicotine cigarette, however the device is healthy to the environment, family and friends in close proximity, and for the smoker as well. Electronic cigarettes like the ones sold by Bull Smoke simulate the act of smoking—the user is holding a “cigarette” in hand, and while the inhalation may taste of nicotine, a harmless mist is actually being released.

While the electronic cigarette is fairly new to the market compared to other methods, it tends to reach out to users that want to feel something in hand, and those that want to feel the sensation of inhalation. The electronic cigarette also reaches out to those that are looking for a method of quitting that allows the user to work their way into the realm of comfortably leaving behind a nicotine addiction.

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