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The Dilemma: Choosing Your Favorite Ecig Flavor

Friday Jul 1, 2011

e-liquid, ecigarette flavors, menthol, Red BullAn added touch to enhance the pleasure of smoking is that there are at your disposal a range of 90 different flavors in which you can order the e-liquid. For example you can choose between different flavors of snuff including Cuba, blending Turkish, mint or “Wild American”, or try a mixture of whiskey and snuff. Fruit blends like passion fruit, cherry, raspberry and citrus fruits are also in great demand, even cocktail flavors are now available as e-liquid. Keep reading to learn about the many options in detail.

The more classic e-cigarette flavors, all the tobacco flavors including “Marlboro”, are certainly nice for regular ecig use. Sometimes you may want a different flavor, that’s why it’s good to know that there is a whole range of different flavors on the market. For fans of energy drinks there is the Red Bull e-juice. Those who like Red Bull, will most definitely like the sweet taste of this special eliquid. Read the rest of this entry »

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