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The Reason Electronic Cigarettes are Smokeless

Friday Jan 20, 2012

E-cigarette partsElectronic cigarettes contain three main components, the battery, an atomizer and a cartridge that holds the liquid that is to be vaporized. Instead of producing smoke like a traditional cigarette, e-cigarettes produce smokeless water vapor by heating a liquid solution of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, commonly referred to as E-Liquid, and dispersing it into an aerosol mist. The most popular electronic cigarette models use an atomizer that contains a wicking steel mesh to draw the liquid solution to a single filament that vaporizes the liquid to simulate the effect of smoke.

When a person takes a puff from an electronic cigarette, a microchip inside of it senses the flow of air and sends an electrical current to the filament that heats up and vaporizes the E-Liquid, producing the visible water vapor. The water vapor produced by smokeless e-cigarettes replicate the same feeling in the throat and lungs as a traditional cigarette, without the toxic carcinogens associated with smoking. Read the rest of this entry »

Do or Don’t: Smoking an E-Cigarette on an Airplane

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

Smoking ecig in airplaneIf you want to know about federal regulations concerning smoking e-cigarettes on an airplane, this article hopes to give you some insight about the subject in which you can do to make sure that you are within federal regulations when you decide on smoking e-cigarettes. as most people know with ecigarettes, they can be smoked anywhere including airplanes. If you happen to have any cigarette and want to smoke it, the only way you will know if it is okay in an airplane is to pull it out and begin smoking. The cigarette has no tar or smell so it should not bother others.

Tell Them How Your E-Cigarette Works

If a flight attendant happens to see you smoking the e-cigarette and says something to you, you have a right to explain that this device can be smoke anywhere because it is tar free and does not give an odor like regular cigarettes do. There should not be any other problems after that, but if there happened to be just know that you have a right to smoke in public with your e–cigarette. These have been around for several years now and do not cause harm to children or anyone for that matter who might be around someone who is smoking an e–cigarette. You can find e-cigarettes anywhere online and save big time thanks to Smokeless Delite coupon codes, or in a physical retail store that sells them.

Why An Electronic Cigarette is Harmless to Others Health

E-Cigarette in airplaneThese are great alternative to cigarettes because they are – excuse the irony here – healthier than regular cigarettes because there is no tower or tobacco that is being inhaled. It is just a vapor that you are inhaling that gives you the same effects as a regular cigarette does. Not only are these healthier, but since they can be smoked everywhere, people who usually smoke cigarettes can wean themselves off of regular cigarettes with e-cigarettes. They have made a lot of people healthier in their decision to quit smoking or stop slowly. Next time you are in an airplane, make sure to get you cigarette out of your pocket and puff away. It is your right and obligation to feel comfortable smoking legally wherever you might happen to be.

Are E-Cigarettes Smokeless Cigarettes?

Thursday Sep 15, 2011

smokeless cigarettes, e-cigarette flavors, e-liquid nicotineMany people who smoke and are trying to kick the nicotine habit are relying some sort of Nicotine Replacement Therapy/NRT. While there are several NRT’s on the market, one of the newest is the E-Cigarettes. The purpose of NRT is to help the smoker decrease the need for nicotine in the body, by slowly introducing nicotine on a continuous basis, whether this is in the form of a nicotine patch or an E-Cigarette.

Researchers feeling that the E-Cigarette is the answer to helping a smoker quit smoking, found that perhaps smokers are fitting in their traditional cigarettes with the E-Cigarette, and not making as much progress at kicking the nicotine habit then originally thought. Read the rest of this entry »

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