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How to Replace your E-Cigarette Battery

Saturday Aug 27, 2011

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Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that mimic the feel of real cigarettes. While they are often used as a way to quit smoking, most companies do not market them as such. They consider them an alternative to cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have many advantages over regular cigarettes. First and foremost, they are safer. They do not have tar or tobacco. They simply provide the nicotine and the feel of smoking. They do not produce smoke, only , so they have no odor. Therefore, you avoid smelly clothes and bad breath. Also, no smoke means no secondhand smoke and the dirty looks that go with it. You can smoke them almost anywhere because they are generally not restricted by law.

They are also cheaper. You need to replace the e-cigarette battery when it stops charging. Batteries need to be replaced after every few hundred charges, so if you are a typical pack a day “smoker”, you will need around three to four batteries a year at a cost of around $20 a pop. You also need to regularly replace cartridges. One cartridge generally lasts as long as one to two packs of cigarettes but only cost $1 to $3. Sometimes the atomizers are also separate but some also come as part of the cartridge, it depends on the brand of cigarette.

Also, these cigarettes cut down on litter. More people smoking electronic cigarettes means less butts piling up outside office buildings.

Electronic cigarettes do require some maintenance, the nicotine cartridge needs to be replaced regularly and the battery needs to be recharged. Replacing the battery or the cartridge is easier than lighting a cigarette. You simply unscrew it and screw in a new one. Do not screw it too tightly or you can damage the contact points on the battery and make it difficult or impossible to work. When you remove the battery, you simply connect it to a charger to have it ready to go for its next use.

In summary, if you are looking to quit smoking or looking for a way to satisfy your nicotine craving that will not send you outside into the elements, then electronic cigarettes are the perfect choice. Most of the unhealthful and unpopular aspects of cigarettes are eliminated.

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Privately, There’s no doubt that e-cigs are a really healthy substitute for cigarette smoking

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