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Original Valentine’s Gift Idea: An Electronic Cigarette

Friday Feb 3, 2012

E-cigarette Valentine's giftIf you’re looking for an original Valentine’s Day gift idea for the smoker in your life, look no further. An electronic cigarette starter kit would make a fabulous Valentine gift for him. The gift would be a benefit to you both, and will bring lasting enjoyment for years to come. Help him make a positive change this Valentine’s day while showing you love and care about his health.

An e-cigarette starter kit does contain nicotine and will have the same effect as traditional cigarettes with out the harmful, carcinogenic smoke. The liquid nicotine is vaporized and inhaled without harmful additives such as tar. This innovative alternative will allow your man to smoke indoors, in situations where he, otherwise, would not be able to, as he’s not negatively affecting those around him. The harmful effects of traditional cigarette smoke will be a thing of the past, including the second-hand smoke which is harmful to you and others around him. If this is a person you are around often, you need to seriously consider how second-hand cigarette smoke affects your health in addition to the first-hand smoke hes receiving. If this is a person you love, this small change will help you both to be healthier and happier together.

An E-Cigarette Gift is a Win-Win Gift!

Ecigarette kitIf you’re sick and tired of regularly reeking of smoke due to someone else’s bad habit, electronic cigarettes are the way to go. There’s no need to smell like you just came from a bar after going to see your loved one. The light vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes will have no lingering odor like that of the common cigarette. Your man will not smell like smoke and, more importantly, will not leave your hair and clothes smelling like smoke regardless of your own habits. In the smell-department, electronic cigarettes are a win-win.

If this is a person you care about, why not show him with a healthy alternative to his cigarette smoking. Give him a healthy Valentine day gift this year–one that will benefit you both and start off the year right. Electronic cigarettes have endless benefits when compared to traditional cigarettes, so help the smoker in your life become a healthier, more pleasant person to be around.

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