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Saturday Apr 30, 2011

mini electronic cigarettes, Smoke Tip, vapor, spare e-cigarette partsSmoking the Super Mini E-Cigarette really gives you the feeling of smoking a real tobacco cigarette. It’s original, approved and safe. The Electronic Cigarette Super Mini has a small light on top of the cigarette that lights up when you start smoking. Simply take a puff and the cigarette lights up automatically. The cigarette is smoked like a real cigarette, only the “smoke” (water ) Super Mini model, is not harmful to health or to the people around you.

You can choose the desired dose of nicotine as needed. The spare electronic cigarettes parts are available in several measures of nicotine- A more or less equal parts 10 cigarettes. The ultimate alternative to smoking is small gadgets that can keep enjoying the proverbial cigarette, but avoiding its terrible consequences. Thus, snuff addicts can enjoy their service without fear of cancer or related diseases, and preventing other disorders such as cough, bad smell and the protests of nonsmokers.

This is a metal tube with a cigarette that can be added nicotine cartridges for electronic cigarette (which amount will depend on the degree of dependence), but can also be used if this element, only absorbed the steam off. Thus, you avoid inhaling other highly toxic components, such as tar or ammonia. The tip of the cigarette lights up as you inhale, but what is absorbed is a vapor generated by an atomizer that vaporizes liquid. Moreover, this consumer can smoke anywhere normally prohibited to snuff, and will not generate undesirable fumes.

Mini E-cigarette Starter Kits

Generally the mini e-cig is not sold separately, but mini electric cigarettes kits that consist of a four-inch cigarette, two rechargeable batteries and some cartridges like vanilla or mint flavors that do not include nicotine, equivalent to a pack of twenty cigarettes , and a charger. So, the mini ecig can easily be transported anywhere, even in areas where it’s not allowed to use snuff. This goes some way to quit gradually, as the smoker can be gradually lowering the amount of nicotine contained in the cartridges.

The price is usually around fifty Euros, including the entire kit. It’s actually pretty cheap, considering what consumers can save on cigarettes. Currently you can get them online at stores like Smoke Tip, but manufacturers are beginning to distribute by pharmacies and drug stores to expand its use. Therefore, besides helping to smoke less or quit, is a cost savings of up to sixty-five percent to the user. You will simply love it!

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I love my electronic cigarette. Since May that’s all I have smoked and feel so much better. The ppl I bought the e-cig from will NOT sell to minors. I was so impressed by them that I told the doctor I worked for about them and he is not a seller of electronic cigarettes.

May 4th, 2013 | 12:38 pm
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